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Prohall Cosmetic USA -

Born from the desire to produce quality and high performance products that guarantee incredible results, Prohall Cosmetic USA aims to become a reference in the treatment of professional beauty products and daily care. We at Prohall Cosmetic USA act with seriousness, commitment and transparency, always seeking to bring quality and surplus products as our consumers’ expectations.Our products are made in Brazil with the best raw materials materials and assets present in the National and International market, which combines cutting-edge technology and rigorous quality tests, provided exclusive results. Because, we believe that the beauty of each hair should be celebrated and that this is possible through innovative and modern products such as those from Prohall Cosmetic USA.

Pioneers in Technology

In a market where the main products used in Brazil are base that does not contain formaldehyde, bouth profesionals and clients suffer from those procedures causing that the price paid for the result is a life threatning situation. So Prohall Cosmetics began researching and developing means to change hair shape using other active ingredients.
The result was Select One, it´s an Acid Based Hair alignment, wich uses for the  time Colagen. It promotes hair healt and creates a protective layer that prevents damage from temperaure and natural damage. The Lumini Sistem replaces keratin repairing the hair while changes its shape. Adding Coconut Oil, it gives an extra hidratation to the quimical processed hair.


Legal Business Entity:

Dily Hair LLC

2675 SW 28 Ave. Suite A

Miami, Florida 33133