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Prohall Botox Max Repair Organic Hair Treatment 300g/10.5fl.oz

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If your hair is in the unfortunate situation of being very damaged or mistreated, either by external factors, or by some treatments such as ironing and waving, which often mistreat the hair, the solution to that problem is undoubtedly the Max Anti-Frizz of 300GR This product is a hair revitalizer, this focuses on restoring the strength and resistance of the dyed strands of hair, regardless of the origin of damage, in addition to restoring levels of hydration in the hair. Its treatment is applied directly to the hair fiber, thus repairing the main damages. The Max Anti-Frizz is not only repairing, but it is also capable of nourishing and rejuvenating the hair, and in this way it helps to fight against premature hair aging. This results in strong, straight, shiny and soft to the touch hair.

This product is totally developed with the best technology, its ingredients are extremely moisturizing and nourishing, which is fundamental for this, if the main task is to recover an extreme damage and return a healthy face to the hair. But these are not all the benefits offered by Max Anti-Frizz, since it also offers them: The repair of the main damages suffered by the threads, restoration of the hair fiber, deep hydration and soft touch, alignment of threads, nutrition, intense shine, combats premature aging and rejuvenating action, volume control and excessive frizz, protection against external agents and all this with an easy and practical application.

This treatment is indicated for all hair types, being obviously recommended especially for voluminous, wavy, damaged and frizzy hair.

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