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Prohall Botox Max Repair Organic Hair Treatment 1kg/35.2fl.oz

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Botox Max Repair is a product which is specifically focused on deep and comprehensive hair repair, it generates an alignment of the locks and the restoration of the hair fiber, in turn, fights excessive frizz and volume. Its action is directed to the core of the wires, where the main damages are repaired and the resistance and humidity that has been lost in the hair is restored. The Botox treatment also recovers the nutrients of the hair, which have been lost by external aggressors, and in this way, rejuvenates the hair through antioxidant action and the neutralization of the radicals that generate damage. The final result guarantees the realignment of the threads, extreme silkiness, extraordinary shine and greater resistance in the locks.

Botox Max Repair has a technology, which is developed from three main ingredients that make a total difference in the treatment of hair, which are Hydrolyzed Collagen, Lactic Acid and Avocado Oil. The action of these three components combined manage to generate a recovery in those weaker and affected areas of the hair, and in turn, give more strength to all the threads, balancing their levels of hydration. Once the treatment has started, it will repair your healthy and lively image, and your hair will acquire that dreamlike movement.

Botox Max Repair, is one, which, can be used for all types of hair, whether straight, wavy or curly, but its main recommendation is made especially for wavy hair, voluminous, damaged and frizzy.

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