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Botox Max Repair:

Products for botox treatments today are more common to see on the market as it is causing high demand for people to apply it. Botox Maximum Repair contains multiple benefits that help with damage caused by external agents.

The maximum botox repair is a treatment that restores its natural shine to our hair. It also provides hydration, softens and nourishes the hair for protection from coloration, chlorine or heat.

Likewise, the maximum botox repair of Prohall products offers to restore the lost resistance and moisture of the hair, giving life to the rehabilitation of the strands for more volume and less frizz.

For its powerful natural ingredients such as: hydrolyzed collagen, lactic acid and avocado oil. Besides containing vitamins D, B6, and panthenol, it also rejuvenates protein, giving strength to all the strands.

Botox Max Platinum Repair:

This platinum repair botox max treatment promotes vitality to damaged and dry hair, making it not lose the naturalness of straight, wavy, and curly hair types, keeping it as it is.

Reconstructs the most fragile areas deeply nourishing the hair fiber, where there is a balance of hydration and sealing of cuticles. In this way, it eliminates split ends, frizz and hair loss.

A providing volume, strength and facilitates the styling of hair types. Btx Platinum has incorporated technology developed with three main ingredients, hydrolyzed collagen, lactic acid and avocado oil; that you will get the best results from hair with natural movement, hydrated, shiny and silky.

Botox max platinum repair is a repair product for external agents, it hydrates it giving an appearance with extreme shine, it is indicated for blonde and silver hair while preserving the color. Wear enviable hair!

Botox Blend Repair:

This new botox blend repair hair care treatment promises to leave your hair shiny, frizz-free and full of vitality after the first application, where there is intense nourishment and retexture of the inner layers of the hair.

It is mainly recommended for people who have it dry, with frizz and broken hair fiber, since the Lumini system that is integrated provides great benefit for reconstruction of fragile areas and alignment of threads. In this way, the purpose of this botox is to restore the hair from the inside out, increasing its density.

Its technology is developed to recover damaged hair, its assets create a protective layer around the hair to reduce future damage. The components form a hydration combo capable of balancing the hair’s pH and promoting much more conditioning of the locks.

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