Prohall Select One Formol-Free Progressive 1L/33.8fl.oz

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Select One 33.81 oz is a professional progressive for hair where it has great advantages when applied as: it reduces excessive volume, ensures hair alignment, controls the most resistant strands, favoring the reduction of frizz, in addition the product leaves softness. This is due to its properties and thanks to its technology it benefits the hair with a deep hydration and, from there, it adds shine, strengthens it and is highly durable; it provides intense nutrition, natural balance of oils, repair of damages caused by chemical products and/or external agents in order to form protective layers around the strands. The result is soft, healthy and full of movement.

In this sense, Select One is suitable for all hair types (straight, wavy and curly), providing treatment and realignment of hair for 4-6 months. This guarantees extreme straightness, as it contains natural ingredients and has state-of-the-art technology:

Lumini System: it is an intelligent asset, which is the main pillar of this product’s composition. The component is in charge of texturizing the hair fiber, improving the malleability of the threads and the shine.

Coconut oil: has the function of reducing frizz, controlling the most rebellious threads and reducing split ends. In addition, it creates a protective layer around the threads, which helps prevent external damage.

Hydrolyzed Collagen: natural ingredient that provides elasticity, resistance and flexibility to the hair.

Finally, Select One has in its formulation Lactic Acid: it can absorb the internal layer of the hair, repairing the cuticles and restoring luminosity and hydration.

All these benefits give more movement to the hair and recover the hair fiber from the damage suffered by the chemical powder.

The Selec One Progressive is easy to apply, as are the steps for applying it to frizzy hair.

The product must be applied along the entire length of the strands, so to facilitate application:

1. Divide hair into four parts.
2. Apply Select One to the entire perimeter of the hair, strand by strand, using a brush and comb.
3. Respect the action time of 1h to 1h30min depending on the thickness and porosity of the curly hair.
4. Rinse all hair and remove 90% to 100% of the straightening product.
5. Dry cables completely with a hair dryer.
6. With the hair dry, run the board through the strands 20 to 25 times at a temperature of 230°.
7. Rinse the strands again and apply the Biomask Mask for the best result.

Apply Select One for an incredible result of a 100% guaranteed extreme straightening.

Product made in Brazil.



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