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Complete capillary treatment with the Kit Cronograma Espelhamento Capilar

The Hair Mirroring Chronogram Kit was developed for everyone who needs to recover the balance and vitality of their locks. The products available in the Kit are responsible for deeply moisturizing the capillary fiber, repairing the fragile areas, and providing an intense luminosity, which will be reflected in a mirror effect.
The technology of the Kit counts with all the hydrating properties of the Biomask Shampoo and Mask, with the high nutritive power of Absolut Oil and with the multifunctional properties of Absolut One. The chronogram promotes to the threads hydration, protection, shine and finalization in only 5 steps!
Hydration, recuperation and wire protection
The composition of all the products offered by Prohall Cosmetic is developed with high technology in order to guarantee the best results of hair treatment.
The Biomask Shampoo is enriched with Lactic Acid and Coconut Oil, two ingredients highly emollient that potentiate the hydrated semblance and the soft touch of the hair.
The Biomask Mask, in turn, counts on the Lumini System, Shea Butter and Tutanus Extract in its formulation. Together, the components have the function of retexturizing the structures of the hair fiber and, thus, promote a better absorption of nutrients.
The Absolut Oil Serum is rich in Argan Oil and counts on a Blend of Aminofunctional Silicones that act in the repair of the damaged ends and in the thread's instantaneous recovery.
At last, Absolut One counts on the Lactic Acid and Pantenol (Vitamin B5) as its main ingredients. Together, they can help in the effectiveness of the moisturizing treatment and strengthen the capillary structure, avoiding problems such as breakage and fall.
All the benefits offered by the chronogram
The benefits do not stop here! All the products in the Hair Mirrors Chronogram Kit do even more for your hair and provide extra care for your hair health!
The actives present in the Biomask line are able to penetrate deeply into the fiber and promote the balance of moisture that has been lost over time. The action of the products can reverse the main signs of dryness and align the strands as a whole.
The nourishing power found in Absolut Oil's vegetable oil acts on the most rebellious and dried out wires, providing instant frizz reduction and discipline of damaged locks. The product also potentiates the luminosity and prolongs the treatment's effects.
The strands' protection is guaranteed by Absolut One, which creates a defense layer around the strand against the aggressions coming from free radicals. In addition, the mask also acts as a solar filter and protects the hair against UV radiation.
See below some more benefits of the Hair Mirroring Chronogram Kit:
- Complete cleansing from root to tip;
- Deep hydration and soft touch;
- Retexturization of the capillary fiber;
- Recovery of damage caused by chemical and / or external agents;
- Reduction of frizz and excessive volume control;
- Repair split ends and discipline the rebellious wires;
- Protection against UV rays and free radicals;
- Intense nourishment;
- Extraordinary shine;
- Antioxidant and rejuvenating action;
- Strengthening of hair structure;
- Contribution to healthy hair growth;
The products' cutting-edge technology
All these benefits are only possible thanks to the products' composition, which is developed with the best ingredients available in the market. See below a little more about the formulation of each of the items available in the kit:
Biomask Shampoo 300ml
Coconut Oil contributes to protecting the strands against external aggressors, as it is able to build a protective layer around the entire hair perimeter. The ingredient also has nourishing properties that help balance the hair fiber.
Lactic Acid has active ingredients that penetrate deep into the hair fiber in order to repair the cuticles and better control the entry and exit of nutrients. Its emollient power also enhances hair malleability, conditioning and movement.
Biomask Mask 300g
The Lumini System is an intelligent active responsible for retexturizing the hair fiber and, consequently, for the progress of the thread absorption mechanisms. This action is capable of intensifying future treatments, since they will be absorbed more effectively. The ingredient is also famous for providing more shine and conditioning to the hair.
Shea Butter protects the strands through its action as a solar filter, which defends the strands against damage from UV radiation. The ingredient also has the function of building a protective film around the hair structure and, thus, reducing external aggressions.
Tutan extract recovers the strength lost by the strands and makes their structure more resistant to the challenges encountered on a daily basis. Besides, the component possesses emollient properties that help in the repair of split ends and in a better capillary conditioning.
Absolut Oil 60ml
The Argan Oil is of natural origin and possesses antioxidant action capable of retarding the free radicals and to promote the capillary rejuvenation, working in the prevention of precocious aging. Its highly nourishing properties also help moisturize hair strands.
The Aminofunctional Silicon Blend has the function of disciplining the hair as a whole and reversing the main signs of dryness. The compound controls the most rebellious locks, reduces excessive frizz and aligns the entire capillary structure.
Absolut One 200ml
The Pantenol (Vitamin B5) has assets that promote an optimum growth and capillary development, reducing the chances of breakage and fall of the threads. Its function is to strengthen the hair structure and improve scalp blood circulation. In addition, the ingredient also enhances hair softness and shine.
The Lactic Acid is also part of Absolut One's composition, but its action inside the treatment mask is to intensify the hydration of dry and damaged hair and repair the most fragile areas by external aggressors.
Indications of the chronogram
The Hair Mirroring Chronogram Kit is indicated for all hair types, being then, a great treatment option for straight, wavy, curly and frizzy hair. In addition, it is also approved for chemically treated hair or adherent to LOW and NO POO techniques.
The kit is specially indicated for people who have a daily care routine and need a treatment to rebalance the internal structures and regain the semblance of healthy hair.
All products in the Kit are of professional use and promote the complete cleansing of the hair, the deep hydration of the hair fiber, the repair of the main damages and the alignment of the hair as a whole.

The products of the Biomask line have an approximate revenue of 3 months for medium and long hair. The Absolut Oil and the Absolut One renders about 2 months.

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