Prohall Extreme Repair Home Care Kit Macadamia Extract

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The complete Extreme Repair treatment

The Home Care Macadamia Extreme Repair Shampoo 300ml completely cleanses the scalp and the entire length of the hair. Its formula is extremely nourishing and provides extra care for dry and damaged hair, promoting more movement and vitality.

The Extreme Repair Macadamia Conditioner or Leave-in 300ml

promotes the alignment of the wires and untangles the most unruly locks. The product provides intense hydration to the capillary fiber and restores softness and shine to the hair.

The Home Care Extreme Repair Macadamia Mask 300g rejuvenates damaged hair and recovers the hair's natural humidity. The active ingredients in its formula are responsible for moisturizing and nourishing the hair fiber, recovering its structures and giving more vitality to the hair.

Natural humidity balance and nutrients injection

All products in the Extreme Repair line have technology developed from two main pillars, Hydrolyzed Collagen and Macadamia Oil. The combined action of these two ingredients works as a nutritive injection that replenishes all the vitamins, proteins, and nutrients that have been lost over time.

In addition, the products also promote the balance of natural moisture, giving more malleability and softness to the hair. Due to its very high treatment power, the kit is especially recommended for chemically treated or dry hair damaged by free radicals.

All the benefits offered by the products

The benefits do not stop there! The Extreme Repair products do even more for the health of hair strands and hair fiber.

During cleansing, the antioxidant properties of the Extreme Repair Shampoo recover the main damages caused by free radicals and, from this, rejuvenate the hair, recovering its healthy look.

The Extreme Repair Conditioner can also act as a Leave-In, being a multifaceted product. Its properties control the most unruly strands, repair split ends, straighten hair, and guarantee a successful finish.

The Extreme Repair Mask, in turn, has all the vitamins, proteins, and nourishing power of vegetable oils, acting as a nourishing pump to the capillary fiber. Its action is responsible for recovering the internal structures of the hair shaft and repairing the damage caused by external agents (pollution, heat, wind, and humidity).

See below some more benefits of the Kit Extreme Repair Home Care Macadamia Extract

- Deep sanitization of the hair and scalp;

- Conditioning and recovery of capillary malleability;

- Intense hydration and soft touch;

- pH balance;

- Intense luminosity;

- Recovery of hair fiber;

- Repair the most fragile areas;

- Nutrition;

- Control of frizz and rebellious wires;

- Alignment of the wires and reducing excessive volume;

- Hair rejuvenation and antioxidant action.

The Extreme Repair Line's cutting-edge technology

Extreme Repair guarantees all these benefits due to its state-of-the-art technology, which is developed with the best ingredients in the market. All to ensure great results for haircare lovers!

Hydrolyzed Collagen represents one of the main pillars of the Extreme Repair line. The component, of natural origin, restores strength and resistance to the hair structure. In addition, it also has the function of balancing the levels of capillary elasticity, promoting more flexibility and movement to the strands.

Macadamia Oil, in turn, also plays an important role in the composition of the products. The ingredient acts directly on hair damaged by chemical or external agents in order to reduce porosity, control excessive frizz, and repair split ends. Its function is also to protect the hair structure by providing a protective layer around the strands.

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