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Biomask Home Care 300ml eliminates dryness in your hair, giving it softness and incomparable shine.
Its ingredients, such as coconut oil, act on dry and damaged hair, restoring its hydration and natural silkiness, another reason why it is so special is that it helps to replace the nourishing ingredients that were lost due to external aggressors.
It is suitable for all types of hair, it is a product for daily use and it is especially for hair that needs additional hydration.

All the benefits that the product offers
The treatment offered by Conditioning Biomask Professional guarantees even more benefits for hair health! In addition to making the yarns more malleable and aligned, the product has a highly nutritional power capable of recovering the internal structures of the yarn.
Its properties help in the recovery of the nutrients lost by the hair due to chemicals and external agents, strengthening and balancing the hair fiber. Without forgetting its antioxidant action, which slows down free radicals and favors hair rejuvenation.

Below you can see all the benefits of Biomask conditioner:
- malleability and movement;
- Deep hydration;
- Soft touch and extraordinary shine;
- Regeneration of areas damaged by chemicals and external agents;
- Control of frizz and reduction of split ends;
- Rejuvenation of the capillary structure.

The powerful technology of the Biomask conditioner
The state-of-the-art technology developed for the Biomask Professional Conditioner is largely responsible for all of these benefits. With a formula enriched with state-of-the-art ingredients, the product is capable of acting on the entire capillary perimeter, guaranteeing the improvement of the entire wire structure. See below a little more about its composition!
Coconut oil acts directly on the damaged areas of dry and dry threads. The ingredient is able to reduce excessive frizz, control unruly strands and repair split ends. In addition, it is also responsible for creating a protective film around the cable to defend it from external damage.
Lactic acid already has highly emollient properties and aims to recover the moisture lost by the core of the hair. The ingredient repairs the cuticles of the hair fiber and makes the hair as a whole much more malleable and silky. In addition, the acid also favors the alignment of the strands, leaving the hair looking healthier.

Consult the composition of the Biomask Professional 1L conditioner: Aqua * Cetearyl alcohol * Glycerin * Cetrimonium chloride * Behentrimonium chloride * Cyclopentasiloxane / Dimethicone * Stearamidopropyl dimethylamine * Cocos Nucifera oil * Lactic acid * Parfyonum: Benzyl Methyl Alcohol - Methyl - Limyl - Butylpropyl - Methyl - Limyl - Butylpropyl Alcohol - Methyl - Liminal - Methyl - Methyl - Liminal - Methyl - Liminal - Methyl - Methyl - Methyl - Liminal - Methyl - Methyl - Methyl - Methyl - Methyl - Methyl - Methyl - Methyl - Methyl - Methyl - Methyl - Methyl - Methyl - Methyl - Methyl-Methyl-Butylphenyl Methylpropyl. Hydrolyzed keratin * Butyrospermum parkii butter * Disodium edta * Panthenol * Methylchloroisothiazolinone / Methylisothiazolinone *.

Product indications
Biomask Conditioner is indicated for all types of hair (straight, wavy, curly and curly) and released for both chemically treated hair and those in the hair transition phase.
The product is for daily use and its recommendation is made especially for dry and dry hair or any hair that needs a more powerful hydration.
Product for professional use that guarantees the hydration of the hair fiber and the recovery of the malleability lost by the hair structure.
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