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Vitality regained with the Extreme Repair line

The Home Care Macadamia Extreme Repair 1L Shampoo ensures deep cleansing of the hair and scalp. The product has highly nourishing properties that restore the vitality of damaged strands and give them more movement.
The Extreme Repair Macadamia 1L Conditioner or Leave-in
restores suppleness to the hair and untangles the most rebellious strands. The active ingredients present in its composition provide intense hydration to the capillary fiber and restore the silky touch of the hair.
The Home Care Extreme Repair Macadamia Mask 500g balances the capillary pH and rejuvenates hair damaged by chemicals and free radicals. The product is also responsible for replenishing all the nutrients lost from the core of the hair and gives that extraordinary shine to your strands.
Deep hydration and nutrition
The Extreme Repair line counts on Hydrolyzed Collagen and Macadamia Oil as the main ingredients of its composition. Together, these two components guarantee the replacement of the nutrients lost by the thread nucleus and balance the hair's natural humidity.
The kit with all the products of the line is a great choice for those people who are setting up a post-chemical treatment routine and need products that will reverse the situation of dry and damaged hair.
All the benefits offered by the Extreme Repair line
The Extreme Repair line does even more for your hair! In addition to promoting the complete cleaning of the hair perimeter, recovering the malleability of the hair and deeply moisturizing the hair fiber, the products also guarantee other benefits for your strands.
The rich lather achieved by washing with the Extreme Repair Shampoo has actives that work on the removal of toxins created by free radicals. This antioxidant action is responsible for rejuvenating the hair and recovering the healthy look of the strands.
The Extreme Repair Conditioner, in turn, has more than one purpose and can also be used as a Leave-In to finish the strands. Its properties discipline the hair, control the most unruly locks, and reduce excessive frizz. The product also repairs split ends, which are usually drier than in other areas.
The Extreme Repair Mask acts as a nourishing bomb to the capillary fiber. Its nourishing power conferred by the vegetable oils is capable of replacing all the vitamins, proteins, and nutrients lost by the hair due to chemical or external agents (pollution, heat, wind, and humidity).
See below some more benefits of the Ultra Nutritional Professional Kit Extreme Repair:
- Deep cleansing of the hair and scalp;
- Conditioning and recovery of capillary malleability;
- Intense hydration and silky touch;
- Balancing pH capillary;
- Intense shine;
- Recovery of internal structures;
- Repair the most fragile areas;
- Nutrition deep;
- Control of frizz and rebellious wires;
- Alignment and reduction of excessive volume;
- Hair rejuvenation and antioxidant action.
The products' cutting-edge technology
The Extreme Repair line can only guarantee all these benefits due to its formula developed with cutting-edge ingredients. See below for more on the composition of the products.
Hydrolyzed Collagen represents an important ingredient in the Extreme Repair technology. Its function within the treatment is to recover the hair's strength and balance the thread's natural elasticity. This way, the hair structure becomes more resistant to daily damage and the hair regains that extraordinary flexibility and movement.
Macadamia Oil also plays a major role in the formulation of the products, and its action consists in reducing porosity and repairing the driest and most damaged areas of the hair. The ingredient also controls excessive frizz and protects the hair structure against external damage.
Extreme Repair Line Directions
All Extreme Repair products are suitable for all hair types (straight, wavy, curly and frizzy).
The Shampoo, Conditioner, and Mask combo is recommended for post-chemical care schedules or for hair damaged by free radicals.
All products in the Extreme Repair Kit are of professional use and promote complete cleansing of the entire hair perimeter, balancing natural moisture and hydration of the hair fiber.
The 1L Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as the 500g Mask have an approximate performance of 6 months for medium and long hair.

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