Prohall Biomask 33.8fl.oz Professional Ultra-Hydrating Kit

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Intense cleansing, conditioning and moisturizing with Biomask Professional Kit

Biomask Professional 1L Shampoo promotes complete hygienization of the hair perimeter and contributes to hair revitalization. Its nourishing properties guarantee hair rejuvenation through a powerful repairing and antioxidant action.
Biomask Professional 1L Conditioner recovers the malleability and soft touch of hair. The product acts directly on the thread nucleus in order to replenish lost moisture and to promote capillary pH rebalancing. Its treatment is also responsible for ensuring incomparable luminosity, movement, and silkiness.
Biomask Professional Ultra Moisturizing Mask 500g acts in the total recovery of moisture lost by hair fiber of dry and damaged hair. Its highly moisturizing and nourishing properties revitalize the signs of dryness caused by chemical and external agents, making the thread structure much more vital.
Hair free from dryness and severe damage!
The technology of the Biomask Professional Kit is developed with powerful ingredients aimed at revitalizing dry, parched and damaged hair.
Biomask Shampoo and Conditioner have two main pillars in their composition, Coconut Oil and Lactic Acid. Both act as a nourishing boost capable of helping the recovery of vitamins, proteins and minerals lost by the thread.
The Biomask Ultra Hydrating Mask has three super nourishing ingredients in its formula. They are: the Lumini System, Shea Butter and Tutan Extract. Together, these components promote the regeneration of the internal structures of the hair fiber and, thus, more effectively repair the damage caused by chemical and external agents.
All the benefits offered by the Kit
All Biomask Professional products are multifaceted and can offer complete care for the hair fiber, doing much more than just their main functions!
Since the application of the first product until the final rinse, the actives present in the Kit's technology act in the deepest layers of the hair shaft to repair and rebalance its internal structures. This powerful treatment aims not only to replace lost moisture, but also to reduce hair porosity and repair the most severe damage.
See below all the benefits of the Biomask Professional Kit:
- Complete cleansing from root to tip;
- Conditioning, malleability and movement;
- Deep hydration and soft touch to the wires;
- Extraordinary shine;
- Retexturization of hair fiber;
- Alignment and reduction of excessive volume;
- Recovery of the aggressions caused by chemical and external agents in the hair fiber;
- Rejuvenating action and prevention against free radicals;
- Intense nourishment;
- Frizz reduction and repair of split ends.
The cutting edge technology of the Biomask Professional Kit
The Biomask Professional Kit has state-of-the-art technology developed to promote the best results for dry and damaged hair. For this, it has the best ingredients available in the market in its formulation. Check it out!
Biomask Shampoo and Conditioner
Coconut Oil is highly moisturizing and its main function is to reduce the main signs of hair dryness, such as frizz, porosity, and split ends. The ingredient also acts in hair protection, being responsible for building a protective film around the entire hair perimeter.
Lactic Acid favors the closing of the cuticles and helps retain nutrients inside the hair fiber. Its action can improve the absorption mechanisms and, thus, better control what enters and what leaves the hair core. In addition, the ingredient has moisturizing properties that are responsible for aligning hair and recovering lost shine and manageability.
Biomask Professional Ultra Moisturizing Mask 500g
The Lumini System is an intelligent active responsible for retexturizing the internal structures of the thread. Its action occurs directly in the hair fiber and consists in regenerating the damage suffered by chemical and external agents. The active is also capable of enhancing the conditioning and shine of the strands.
Shea Butter has the function of protecting the hair against external agents and free radicals. Besides acting as a solar filter and defending the hair against UV radiation damage, the ingredient also creates a protective film around the hair structure to make it more resistant to daily aggressions.
Tutanus Extract restores hair's strength and mass. Rich in proteins, it replenishes lost nutrients and makes the hair more resistant to external damage. In addition, it also has emollient properties that act on the signs of dryness and restore the healthy appearance of the hair.
Treatment Indications
Biomask Professional Kit is indicated for all hair types (straight, wavy, curly and frizzy) and released both for chemically treated hair and for those who are going through the hair transition phase.
The Shampoo and Conditioner are for daily use and the Mask can be used up to twice a week. All are recommended especially for dry and damaged hair or hair in need of extra hydration.
Professional use kit that provides complete cleansing of the scalp, recovery of suppleness and deep hydration of the hair fiber. Shampoo and Conditioner last approximately 6 months and the Mask can last up to 3 months, depending on hair size.
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