Prohall Absolut One Spray Mask 12x1 Benefits 200ml/6.76fl.oz

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The multifaceted action of Absolut One

The Spray Mask Absolut One 12 Benefits guarantee the complete repair of the hair fiber and of the main damages caused by external agents. The product promotes the sealing of all the hair strands, reducing the porosity and aligning the cuticles.
Its technology is multifaceted and acts in different areas of the capillary perimeter. Absolut One is a treatment mask and finalizer. It's a split ends repairer. Use it as you want, at the moment you wish.

Maximum hydration and strengthening with Absolut One

The Absolut One has its technology developed with two main ingredients, Lactic Acid and Panthenol (Vitamin B5). The combined action of these two components is capable to promote intense hydration and fortifying the structure of the thread, avoiding problems of breakage and/or fall.

In addition, both ingredients have conditioning properties that enhance the soft touch and the luminous look of the strands.

All the benefits offered by the product
Absolut One, besides repairing the main damages caused by chemical and external agents and counting on a very high emollient, still brings countless benefits to the capillary fiber and to the threads as a whole.
One of the highlights of the mask is in its power of protection. The product acts as a solar filter and protects the hair against damage caused by UVA and UVB radiation. In addition, it also creates a barrier around the thread that will protect it against other damages, such as heat and pollution, for example.

See below some more benefits of Absolut One:
- Internal repair of the hair fiber;
- Recovery of the damages caused by chemical and/or external agents;
- Deep hydration;
- Nutrition;
- Reduction of frizz and excessive volume;
- Prevention against split ends;
- Thermal protection and UV rays;
- Protection of color;
- Strengthening the capillary structure;
- Contribution to the healthy growth of the wire;
- Extraordinary shine;
- Conditioning and soft touch.

The Absolute One's complete technology
The technology of Absolut One 200 ml was thought and developed with ingredients of tip that guarantee the best results to the capillary health and the beauty of the threads.
The Lactic Acid counts on hydrating properties and a very high emollient power, acting on dry and damaged threads in order to promote its alignment and malleability. In addition, the component also helps repair the damage caused by free radicals.
Panthenol (Vitamin B5), in turn, is one of the best component options when we think about hair growth. Its active ingredients help in the healthy growth of hair strands because it strengthens their structure and makes them more resistant to breakage and fall. The ingredient also acts in hair conditioning and enhances its soft touch.

Indications of the product
Absolut One is indicated for all types of hair (straight, wavy, curly, and frizzy). The product is also recommended for chemically treated hair.
The mask is indicated mainly for people who desire more practicality and speed in the middle of the agitated routine. Since it has a spray format, the product is easily applied to dry or wet hair.
Product of professional use that guarantees total repair of the main damages caused by external agents (pollution, heat, wind, and humidity).
Absolut One has a performance of approximately 2 months for medium and long hair.
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